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A Letter Says it All!

The Florida Keys are like no other place in the world.  My family and I have traveled a lot, especially in our RV.  After 5 trips to Key Largo, we decided this would be a great place to settle down with the kids and live our dream.  Like anybody that relocates, I did my research to the point of neurosis to find it’s a lot like any other small town in the continental US, but with a tropical climate.

Enter Mark Mills.  On a warm September Illinois day, I’m driving back to the office after a client lunch and decide to listen to the local South Florida radio via my smartphone radio app.  Not expecting anything more than some music or South Florida news, I was surprised to hear a man on the radio discussing the local real estate market conditions.  This caught my attention and I tuned my mind in to what he was saying.  For full disclosure, I’ve bought and sold 4 properties without realtor assistance, and kind of expected my next transaction would be the same.  However, the man on the radio (Mark) made special note of things in Monroe County, FL that are a bit different and can make the process of purchasing real estate burdensome, or more-so than the rest of the country.

The next day, I called Mark and he answered.  I expected him to push me off since we couldn’t possibly move for 7-9 months (when the kids finished their current school year) and I figured he would just write me off as a tourist that had a nice time in sunny Florida on my last trip and was using him as my outlet to daydream.  It couldn’t have been further from what I received when we talked.  He gave me as much time as I needed to talk, added a lot of great detail, explained the market, what to expect, tidbits of awesome advice and became a trusted confidant.  He followed up with me every 7-10 business days with homes/properties that met our needs until we were able to make a trip south over the Christmas vacation to view 8 properties in 2 days.  Truth be told, this was probably 2-3 too many.  That said, we had 2 we were able to make qualified offers, and he stayed in touch until we made it through the offering process.

Mark and his partner Mykael made the process go as quickly and painlessly as possible.  They were always available to talk, hear my irrational thoughts about how I thought this process would proceed, and were always professional.  They also put me in touch with some great local loan broker/bankers, handled all inspections in my absence, and generally were my surrogates.  I couldn’t have asked for any more out of these folks and my hat’s off to the American Caribbean Real Estate and The Florida Keys Real Estate Guys!  From a guy that hasn’t used agents in the past, if you’re reading this, I strongly suggest that you give Mark a call if you’re even considering making a real estate purchase in The Keys!


~ Shaun Huffman


Mark Mills

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